Staying Connected from a Distance

One of the biggest benefits to this class was gaining a community of other educators to share resources with and to learn from. I enjoyed seeing the different projects that my classmates worked on and what they were learning each week. So many of them created beautiful and wonderful things or learned some awesome new skills. The way I contributed to the learning of others was through, Twitter, my own blog posts and commenting on others blog posts.

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Summary of Learning

I have learned many valuable lessons and ideas that I will take with me as I transition into the teaching professional. I am grateful for the resources, the knowledge, and the community that has developed as the result of this class. Watch my summary of learning to hear more of what I have learned over the semester through EDTC300.

That’s a Wrap!

It’s been a crazy semester. I have been working full time while also being a full time student. I’m ready for a break! However, one of the saving graces through my semester was being able to take time throughout the week and learning to play the piano. Here is a summary of the journey I’ve been on!

Week 1: Childhood Dream and a Lifelong Learner

  • I began to intentionally start practicing piano.
  • My goals were to learn the timing of the notes and how to play the bass clef notes on the piano.
  • I planned to use the website, Piano Lessons and try out some apps.
  • Began the journey to accomplishing a childhood dream of learning to play an instrument.

Week 2: Timing and Trials

  • Started using the app Simply Piano
  • Loved the goals and incentive to work through the lessons to unlock the next course and new songs.
  • Still struggled with timing of the notes but started looking for other resources to help me practice

Week 3: Repetition is the Key to Success

  • I learned that I need to have more discipline in my practicing.
  • Tried using just YouTube videos from Pianote to learn some different skills
  • Contemplated setting up a reward system to keep me motivated.

Week 4: Anchor

  • Explored a new way to document my learning through Anchor podcast app
  • First time attempting to learn a whole song
  • One of the first songs that I learned to play the bass notes with
  • Moved one step closer to my goal!

Week 5: Hills, Valleys and Plateaus

  • I hit a plateau this week in my learning
  • I searched for some inspiration this week to keep me motivated
  • Found more inspiration than I needed to keep going
  • Learned that learning something new takes time and perseverance

Week 6: Burn

  • Learned to play part of song using YouTube and sheet music
  • Discovered that it takes some digging to find the right tutorial
  • Continuing to practice playing the piano with both hands

Week 7: Learning to Count

  • Was told I need to actual count the music notes in order to be able to play them
  • Discovered that it was actually good advice which really helped me play better
  • Struggled through trying to play the notes for the right length of time
  • Progressed in both of my goals of playing bass notes and learning the timing of the notes

Week 8: All or Nothing

  • Decided learning the intro and first verse of multiple songs was no longer for me
  • Learned to play the whole way through a song
  • Proud of the progress I have made since the beginning

Week 9: It’s Going to Be Okay

  • Learning a new song
  • Learning to play multiple notes with the same hand at the same time
  • Learning to play the bass clef on sheet music
  • Learned my hands are not as co-ordinated as my mind.

Week 10: That’s A Wrap

Here we are at the end of this learning project. I’m kind of sad to see the end of this project as it means I no longer have the reason that I need to play piano because it’s part of my class. My hope is that I will continue to learn and progress and become more proficient at piano playing. However, as I come to the end of “mandatory” piano playing I am amazed at how much has changed over ten weeks. I went from only being able to play with one hand and only reading treble clef notes on sheet music to being able to play with both hands at the same time and being able to read and play from sheet music more proficiently. I can’t believe the progress I’ve made since the beginning! I know I still have so much more to learn but I think that’s true for most areas of life. Thanks for reading along and joining me in this learning journey!

Elsa, Anna and Dancing Sloths

This week I had too much fun using different coding programs. I spent most of time on Hour of Code. I loved it. With the grade 5/6 class I’m an EA for the science teacher had used Scratch and walked the students through how to create a Pac-Man style game. It was a lot of fun and a lot work making sure the students were all following along and adjusting their courses and game features to make the game work the way they wanted to. Scratch is very detailed and the science teacher had a book that walked through the step by step process for creating the game we wanted to create. The end result was awesome but it was a lot of work! I also don’t think I would have personally been creative enough to create the game we did by just exploring. However, if you have time and students that are willing to experiment and explore all the options that Scratch has it is a great tool to get students using their creativity and learning some coding skills.

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Woah! Is that true?!

Outrageous headlines, clickbait, and satirical news. Navigating the online space of what is real and not real can get kind of tricky. How does one determine if the news article they are reading is reliable? How do you know that stranger you have connected with on social media is a real person and not an internet troll? Exercising digital literacy can help!

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It’s Gonna to be Okay

Into the Sea (It’s Gonna to Be Okay) by Tasha Layton is a song I’ve really loved during this season of life. I have been listening to at least once per drive. This semester has probably been one of my craziest in terms of time (or lack there of) and obligations and assignments. I have enjoyed the process but there were definitely moments where I thought to myself, “I think this might all be a little much.” However, I continue to persevere and have made it to the end. As this past semester has been one of my craziest and this is my last week of classes I thought it fitting to learn a song that reminds me that all it’s going to be okay.

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…try Googling [insert name here]

Have you ever Googled your name? Was there anything that showed up that surprised you? Have you ever had a conversation with a friend or a family member and they bring up someone who might be a mutual friend of a friend? Have you ever tried to find that person on Google? Google is a wonderful mechanism for finding out information about other people. So what are people finding when they search for you?

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All or Nothing

I have started a lot of songs since the beginning of this course but have perfected none. I decided this week to double down and go for all or nothing, so to speak. I tried learning and playing a song from beginning to end. However, if my past weeks of practice is any indication, I don’t know if a week is long enough to really perfect a whole song. I gave myself a head start by choosing Falling by Harry Styles the same song I had been practicing last week.

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What makes a good digital citizen?

Digital citizenship is defined as “the continuously developing norms of appropriate, responsible, and empowered technology use.” Mike Ribble gives nine different elements that we should learn to be good digital citizens.

  1. Digital Access: “about the equitable distribution of technology”
  2. Digital Commerce: “the electronic buying and selling of goods and focuses on the tools and safeguards in place to assist those buying, selling, banking, or using money in any way in the digital space”
  3. Digital Communication and Collaboration: “the electronic exchange of information”
  4. Digital Etiquette: “electronic standards of conduct or procedures and has to do with the process of thinking about others when using digital devices”
  5. Digital Fluency: ” the process of understanding technology and its use”
  6. Digital Health and Welfare: “the physical and psychological well-being in a digital world”
  7. Digital Law: “the electronic responsibility for actions and deeds and has to do with the creation of rules and policy that address issues related to the online world”
  8. Digital Rights and Responsibility: “requirements and freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world”
  9. Digital Security and Privacy: “the electronic precautions to guarantee safety”
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Learning to Count

Thus far, I’ve been able to play from the sheet music without counting the notes really. I was told by some friends this week that play music that learning to count the notes is kind of an important skill when playing music. All of the songs I’ve played to this point have been songs I’ve already known, so I’ve just played them until it sounds right. Apparently that doesn’t cut it if I want to play songs I don’t know well.

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